Bliss N Eso

"We just wanted to create a colossus, an image that couldn’t be painted again… like a Jackson Pollock painting… colour splashed all over the fucking place."

Bliss N Eso are a Sydney based hip hop crew made up of MCs Bliss and Eso and DJ Izm. The crew first formed through the high school friendship of Bliss and Eso but it was not until 2000, with a growing reputation for their live shows and lyrical inventiveness, that they released their first EP 'The Arrival'. Their debut LP 'Flowers in the Pavement' was released through Obese Records in 2004 and in March 2006 they released 'Day of the Dog' through Illusive Sounds.

Words from the City was filmed during the release of 'Day of the Dog' and follows Bliss, Eso and DJ Izm during the album launch tour as they gig in remote regional towns and jam packed city venues.


Performing “Creepy” live at Yahoo Bar, Shepparton, VIC