"People have got an idealistic way of looking at what hip hop is but at the end of the day if you take away all the elements that make yourself an MC or a DJ, you’re still just that guy laying bricks on the weekend, who lives in Australia and who’s just doing his thing."

Part of the influential Syllabolix crew from Perth, Western Australia, Downsyde have three highly regarded MCs – Optamus, Dazastah and Shahbaz (Dyna-mikes) – backed by 3 live musicians - turntablist DJ Armee, drummer Catastrophe and bass player Cheeky. Drawing inspiration from their cultural backgrounds, Downsyde meld samples from Middle Eastern, Aboriginal and South American sounds with soul and funk laden grooves. Since their first release ‘Eponimous’ in 2000, their diverse lyrics have explored every aspect of contemporary Australian life from intolerance and materialism to long nights and party lifestyles.

Words from the City filmed with Downsyde during the long hot summer of 2006. Primarily following MCs Optamus and Dazastah as they created beats and wrote new material, the filming culminated in their performance at the massive Southbound Festival in Busselton, Western Australia.


Optamus record shopping at Bowerbird Records, Perth, WA