"Hip hop now has come around and people are open to the idea of people that they know talking about things that they know about… that has such a huge impact and is such a powerful weapon."

Koolism have been a vital part of Australian hip hop since their first recordings in 1993. Coming up in the outer suburbs of the nation's capital, Canberra, Koolism is made up of MC and lyricist Hau Latukefu and DJ Danielsan Ichiban. As well as collaborating with many of the major forces in Australian hip hop, the duo have released classic albums such as ‘Part One’, ‘Random Thoughts’ and the recent ‘New Old Ground’. The New York Times acclaimed them as ‘the standard bearer of Australian hip hop’ with a sound ‘like a hot summer's breeze, with nimble, laid-back rhymes and dub-heavy beats’.

Words from the City filmed with Koolism over several months, in and around the Canberra Tongan community, at home and in the studio with DJ Danielsan and Hau and on the road as part of the Invada tour.

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Hau and Danielsan on hip hop and cultural inspiration