"Dripping ink with a gripping message
spot the missing link of this epidemic.
I'm tripping on septic. Drowning walls of tangled ankle kelp.
Geez girl, you said it, you have to learn how to calm yourself.
Don't arm your belt with napalm tempers.
Take charge, incinerate harm to be past embers."

Verbally agile and lyrically brilliant, Layla is part of Perth’s Syllabolix crew, and her 2005 release ‘Heretik’ is widely considered a landmark album. Prior to releasing this record, Layla had established a strong reputation as one of the best unrecorded MCs. Her music is defined by her forceful and candid lyrics that range from her frustrations with female recording artists using their bodies to sell music in ‘The Fuss About Sluts’, to an exploration of her own creative practices in ‘Driving Miss Layzy’. Layla often records with singer Porsah Laine and her dark, textured album productions are created by her partner and collaborator Dazastah (of Downsyde).

Words from the City spent time filming with Layla in and around the house she shares with Dazastah as she recorded new material and explored her creative direction. Layla was also filmed peforming live in Cairns, Queensland.


Layla recording “Calm Yourself” verse at home, Perth WA