Wire MC

"It’s not just about writing rhymes and coming up with fancy couplets, and it’s not about being on stage and rocking the mic… fuck the spotlight man, I’ll steal that cunt and pawn it. I’ve got a family to feed."

Wire MC is a descendant of the Gumbaynggirr nation from the mid north coast of New South Wales who first encountered hip hop while growing up in the town of Bowraville. Defiant and lyrically brilliant, Wire MC has performed and hosted workshops throughout Australia, recording tracks with numerous communities and with artists including Morganics and Sista Native. Wire MC regularly distributes his music by hand and has performed in festivals including Yabun, Womad and Homebake as well as at the Opera House performing his collaborative show 'Stereotypes' with Morganics. His two young sons, Science and Taktix are also aspiring MCs.

Words from the City filmed with Wire across several months, during the Invasion Day celebrations of Yabun, hanging out at home, performing at a memorial concert for Sydney MC Stingray, and travelling back north to Gumbaynggirri country. 

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